1/4" cordless screwdriver set KTC JTAE121


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The use
● Electricity, house equipment construction, manufacturing assembling parts and equipment maintenance, etc..

● Small screw :-M5 and wood screw:-, φ 4.1 and perforator:-, φ 3
※ It's impossible to use for screw end for aluminum window frame installation.

The feature
● 15 stages of clutch organization + a drill mode can be established according to the operational use and the screw size, and the mistake if failing to tear, the screw head tightens too much is reduced.
● It's possible to transform the body into 2 forms according to the point in use and how to have it.
● When a clutch works, shutoff does a power supply automatically, so waste of battery-can be stopped.
● Hand start work is also made of switch off, so the last confirmation end by a sense of a hand is possible.
● The number of rotations can change 2 stages of HIGH/LOW according to the work.
● It's compact, convenient for mobile and also effective in work at a small place.
● 2 bits of Riyoto No., with 2. The 1/4" applied to JTAE115the bit can be used.

※ A battery and a charger are repairing applying.

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