3/8"sq. Tool set (60pcs.) Nepros NTX759A


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NTX759A 60pcs

●The NEPROS high-grade set of the next generation-type tool box EKR-103 whose color is dedicated for NEPROS are equipped with a gear with 90 teeth, "3/8"sq. UNION RATCHET HANDLE" (NBR390). The tool set with your name NTX759AN carved by laser carved seal can be also provided.

● Color: Dark charcoal Pearl x silver
● Material: Body Steel
                 Handle part Aluminum die-cast
● Body size: W510 x D 275 x H 325
● Top part size: w445 x d 225 x h 75
● Drawer size: w420 x d 215 x h 45 x 2
                      w420 x d 215 x h 75 x 1
● Weight: 13kg
● Accessory: top mat x 1, drawer mat x 3, dashboard x 3

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