3/8"sq. Tool set (70pcs.) with silver tool chest Nepros NTX8700BKA~8700RA


No. Total
NTX8700BKA (black) 70pcs
NTX8700A (silver) 70pcs
NTX8700RA (red) 70pcs
●The NEPROS finest tool set has a fulfilling and satisfying contents and are equipped with a gear with 90 teeth, "3/8"sq. UNION RATCHET HANDLE" (NBR390).
●The large EKR series, which is the next generation type chest, is adopted on its case. This model has three arrays of colors (black silver and red).
● The screwdrivers with resin handles are contained.
The tool set with your name carved by laser carved seal can be also provided.
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