Tool set (431pcs.) KTC SK8601


Product Code: KTC SK8601
  • The tool to which TOOL SET (431pcs.) is necessary for maintenance, this complicated series is a first-class set richly.​
  • EKR where a case raises functionality, workability and the efficiency and EKW-1000 A series was adopted.
  • Main driven Irigumi tool :1/4"sq.-1/2"sq., a tool (Inch size is included.), external Torx (Model T and the E type), a hexagon wrench, a wrench of glasses, OPEN END WRENCH, COMBINATION WRENCH (Inch size is included.), ADJUSTABLE WRENCH 10", PIPE WRENCH 6", a hammer, T-SHAPED WRENCH, a snap ring pliers, pliers SIDE CUTTING PLIERS DIAGONAL CUTTING PLIERS, screwdriver, a scraper and SLIDE GAUGE, additionally, a general-purpose tool and. BI car special tool   *Holder kinds are included in total.
  • The case color also establishes red SK8601R and black SK8601BK as a color variation model.
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  • Categories:Power Tool